Where London once established its reputation as the world’s greatest trading hub, today Goodluck Hope is home to a new generation of creative pioneers – a constantly evolving family of cultural traders demonstrating and sharing their craft and creativity.


There is a great tradition of brewing in East London, and a growing resurgence of breweries in the capital. The Wharf Brewing Company is committed to de-mystifying the craft by creating a very special brewhouse at Goodluck Hope where people can look directly into the process, learn more about it and even participate in it. The ales that will be created on site are a celebration of the heritage of the place, its history of import and export and its connection to the sea. The brewhouse will become a place for people to gather throughout the day: a drink with friends, a quiet hour with a good book, or a birthday celebration.

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London Film School will be a welcoming, open access hub for everyone who wants to learn about the art and craft of film-making: from story idea to watching films on the big screen, and every stage in between. Residents and local communities will be invited into the space to share the joys of working with the moving image. As part of a creative hub the School will take this practice to the next level, engaging with local communities to champion and nurture diverse locally grown talent. Links are already being built with local partners in and around London City Island, including the English National Ballet, to combine efforts and make sure the School continues to take inspiration from other creative disciplines and seize on opportunities for collaboration.

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    Teniola King, Masters Student


Florists have always played an important function in a neighbourhood. They help people mark significant occasions. They’re a place that’s full of freshness, nature and the most intense colour, every day. They also help people introduce the unique shapes and patterns of nature into their homes with plants as well as flowers. A riverside location is a reminder of how flowers move through the world, and how the raw material of the florist’s craft reflects the seasons from summer field flowers to the muted colours of autumn. Working with nature, surrounded by water, Goodluck Hope is a fitting home for their art and science.

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the islanders

The Island Grocer uses the freshest ingredients, sourced with great care from local markets and beyond by a team of talented and imaginative chefs. The approach, of both the choice of dishes and the atmosphere is to bring a taste of Italy to the island: fine food, paired with great wine and with a typically Italian ambience – relaxed, conversational and convivial. All this bound by an appreciation of great food, and a respect for great produce.

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Having English National Ballet on City Island will give the company a chance to open up to artists and arts organisations from East London, and to the communities of Newham and Tower Hamlets. It will be a new space that allows the company to produce and rehearse amazing work, a space that will echo to the sound of creative Britain. The aim, in designing this state-of-the-art and almost translucent building, has been to establish a welcoming setting that gives the immediate and surrounding communities visibility of the training and the work that goes on every day.

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    SERENA FUSAI, Costumier


The Line’s inclusion on the landscape of Goodluck Hope is part of the project’s ambition to introduce art into spaces that are free and accessible for people to enjoy, becoming part of a dynamic and changing environment at the heart of London’s urban regeneration. Goodluck Hope also connects the existing works on The Line across the Thames to follow the flow of the water along the Meridian. The Island embraces the project as part of a wider cultural destination where the three disciplines of film, art and dance inform and inspire each other. City Island is a place where ideas are sharedwithin a thriving artistic community now opened up to the neighbourhood and wider audiences.

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    MEGAN PIPER, Co-Founder of The Line